We are finally able to get together again as the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. We are resuming our educations courses at The Barn in our small, safe and efficient venue. 

Creating Peace of Mind Retirement Planning  - Retirement Financial Center

Social Security Optimization


Wednesday, October 4th, 2023 at 6:30 - 8:00pm

Learn about this vital part of your financial plan before making a decision that will affect your future irrevocably. We will perform a custom analysis and offer potential strategies.

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Financial Planning for Women

Be prepared before challenging situations arise.

A Special Women’s night out - Bring a Friend - refreshments will be served

Registration required as space is limited. Call 978 777 5000 to sign up or register online.


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Protect Family Assets from the Nursing Home - Retirement Financial Center

Protect Family Assets from the Nursing Home

Gifting, trusts and other tools to help save the home and other assets from nursing home expenses.


Guest speaker:* Ronald Kearns, RN, Elder Law Attorney*, Senior Resource Center.

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Secure your Legacy - Retirement Financial Center

Secure your Legacy

Protect assets for your family and future generations from disability, death, divorce, bankruptcy and other threats. This class covers a number of legal planning tools, including a specialized IRA Inheritance Trust designed to keep YOUR retirement assets in YOUR bloodline.

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Planning for Income in Retirement - Retirement Financial Center

Planning for Income in Retirement

With so much focus on accumulation in retirement planning, income strategies typically receive little attention. This class covers today’s retirement reality and the tools and techniques you can use to make your assets last. Guest speaker: Lee Reynolds, Vice President, Jackson National Life Distributors LLC

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Myth or fact? Discovering truths about long-term care - Retirement Financial Center

Myth or fact? Discovering truths about long-term care

This class will educate you on the risk to your assets, the cost of protection and the various solutions to the real issues concerning Long Term Care costs.

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Insurance Solutions to Long Term Care Costs - Retirement Financial Center

Insurance Solutions to Long Term Care Costs

Various types of policies can protect your family, your home, your nest egg from long term care costs, while providing for care at home or at a facility.

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