This course covers a wide range of financial planning topics. We will explore the various issues that need to be addressed in order to create confidence through a well-planned and secure retirement. Topics include Retirement Plans, IRAs, Social Security, Income Planning, Taxes, Estate Documents and others.

Upon completion of the course, an advisor will be available to help you with your own plan.

  1. Why create a Retirement Plan?
  2. IRA Planning – What to do with my retirement accounts
  3. Understanding how Social Security works and get the most money out of it
  4. Investment and tax strategies in retirement
  5. Income products and how to use them
  6. Protect family assets from the nursing home
  7. Essential legal documents and legacy planning
  8. Long term care and other insurance solutions

Disclaimer: This course is meant to provide general information and it is not to be construed as specific advice meeting the individual needs or any investor